Order Buttons

Thank you in advance for your support. By purchasing buttons from INclusion by PRESS you are supporting inclusion in your community!

button options

Buttons are available in 3 styles: mirrors, magnets, and pinbacks.

Options for creating/purchasing buttons:

Create your own designs and custom order with your logo and graphics

Together we can create custom buttons (pins, mirrors, magnets) to suit the needs of your organization. Customized buttons create opportunities for a variety of people to contribute unique artwork, photographs, design ideas, and slogans.


Order from our stock of current designs

Our designs were collaboratively created by team members at Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion.

Find our buttons for sale in the community

Community inclusion requires meaningful engagement in expanding relationships! Our buttons are on sale at various venues in community:

  • Our buttons are on sale at the Waterloo Region Museum gift shop and the Queen Street Commons Cafe. Stay tuned – four new locations coming soon! Click here for more information.
  • We also had a booth selling inclusion buttons at The Make-A-Difference Market and the Kitchener Farmer’s Market. Click here to read more about this!
  • More locations to come!

For any of these options, please email us at contactsadiesplace@gmail.com.