Sadie’s Place is thankful to our donors. With your generosity we can continue to offer creative moments of inclusion in community.

  • Each donation of $50 will help us purchase art supplies for 1 month of our collaborative art projects.
  • With a donation of $150 we can offer 1 collaborative art group for a half day.
  • A donation of $150 will enable us to purchase button parts for 1000 pinback buttons.
  • A donation of $1500 provides funds for us to purchase 1 new button-maker.
  • A donation of $1500 will provide a space for 1 adult labelled with a developmental disability to join us as a guest artist 1 afternoon each week for 1 year.

We are also seeking larger donation to help us open a permanent art space led and operated by adults labelled with developmental disabilities– this will create a sustainable hub for community connections over button-making and collaborative art and music. All donations are welcome!

Please visit our page at Canada Helps by clicking the button below:

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