Celebrate Good Times – a June Retrospective

Written by: Amy McClelland

until further notice celebrate everything.

(David Wolfe, author)

At Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion we love to celebrate and that is why “Celebrate” is our guiding word for this June retrospective and second installment in our monthly count down to the 2017 “International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  When we are on automatic pilot we often miss the many occasions that deserve to be celebrated. When we wake up every day with the mindset that life is a beautiful reason for celebration, our days can be filled with a little more happiness, gratitude, and shared joy!  We can celebrate small things by taking short moments to appreciate all that we have, including people who surround us, meaningful experiences, and moments of beauty filling our every day.

In June here are some of the highlights of what we celebrated at Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion:

  • Warm summer days and walks outside… and some rain :-).
  • Our relationships.
  • Cups of coffee and tea shared with our friends.
  • Our bodies and eating healthy food.
  • Diversity – appreciating each of our individuals gifts and taking time to see wonderful and unique aspects in each other.
  • Collaboration – bringing together our gifts and skills to create inspired, unique and well-rounded blogs, buttons, experiences and initiatives.
  • Our charitable status – recently we received our charitable status recognition!
  • New connections with community members at events such as the Tri-Pride Music Festival, Zehrs Glenridge’s Canada 150 celebration, and Extend-A-Family’s “I Choose Dignity!” march.
  • Button-making and the support of individuals and organizations who ordered buttons through INclusion by PRESS. In June we pressed over a thousand buttons!
  • Our Volunteers – we celebrate Allison, Kirk, Christine, Robert, Amy, Kayla R, Lindsey, Allison, Emily W, Emily K, Carrie G, and Sue A for the energy and passion you bring!
  • Our Coordinators Kayla and Lilly!

So lets keep celebrating and practising gratitude as more birthdays, sunny days, and new days unfold. The more we celebrate, the more our lives will be reason for celebration!


About this image: This image was an art collaboration created by Allison Arai and Amy McClelland for the month of June in our count down to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017.