Counting Down and Celebrating the 2017 “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” with the Power of Words

Written by: Emily Kornelsen

Words wield incredible power. How we use our words matters, it makes all the difference. Words can encourage people’s spirits, spread joy, and affect positive change, and they can be hurtful and violent. Words pattern how we think about and interact with others and the world around us.

At Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion we want to share the words that guide us. We use our words to foster relationships, to share important messages with buttons we create through INclusion by PRESS, to support each other through joys and challenges, to engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations, to celebrate difference; and so much more! We are mindful of the power of words and strive to use our words in positive and impactful ways. Words, and the structures they create, are at the heart of so much of what we do at Sadie’s Place. Over the next 200 days we will be featuring one word a month leading up to the 2017 International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd.

We selected words that encompass our key values and reflect what Sadie’s Place means to us and how we live INclusion. There are lots ways to ‘use your words’, many of which don’t involve speaking at all. So along with each of our guiding words, we will share a collaborative art piece and launch a button for sale in our community that embodies what that word means to us.

Watch this blog space for our words, artwork, buttons, and passions over the coming months! We are excited to share these messages that are so central to who we are and what we do with all of you! Each month our featured buttons will be on sale at places where our INclusion by PRESS buttons are sold (Queen Street Commons Cafe, Waterloo Region Museum gift shop, and 4 new locations yet to be revealed)!

The Words that Guide Us

About this image: This image was an art collaboration created by Allison Arai and Amy McClelland for the launch of our campaign leading up to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017.