INclusion by PRESS buttons now on sale at the Waterloo Region Museum

By Lina Nguyen and Lilly Broderick

We are happy to report that our INclusion by PRESS buttons are now officially on sale in the Waterloo Region Museum gift shop. Lilly Broderick, a member of Sadie’s Place, created this connection. As a previous staff member at the Waterloo Region Museum, Lilly had the intuition that it was a great organization to help us spread our message of inclusion and diversity.


Members of Sadie’s Place (Lilly, Allison, and Lina) presenting our display to Lisa from the Waterloo Region Museum


The Waterloo Region Museum strives to provide equal and engaging leisure opportunities for every guest who visits. Some of the museum’s inclusive practices include: providing resources to the staff on using inclusive language, offering accessibility maps for their whole site, providing a copy of their guidebook in Braille, and offering the use of headsets to amplify sound in the theatre. The Waterloo Region Museum aspires to foster a sense of pride, identity, and belonging in the community, which echoes our aims at Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion. We are excited to be able to work together to share our message of community inclusion and creativity.


The colourful front wall of the Waterloo Region Museum

One of our favourite sections is the Coming of Age exhibit that takes a look at the ever-changing attitudes, styles, and societal influences that teenagers experience throughout the decades. We love dancing along to old tunes playing through the speakers and sending e-postcards to our friends with us in hairstyles inspired by the 1920s to 1980s. Even though fads, fashion, and language evolve over the years, the fundamental experiences teenagers face have stayed relatively unchanged. Everyone is connected through their shared life experiences; be it love, music, friends, family or the pursuit of knowledge and fun. This echoes an idea that we at Sadie’s Place hold near and dear to our hearts—connecting with people through shared passions and embracing diversity. We may look, walk, talk and think differently, but at our core, everyone in the community is connected to one another through shared life experiences.

We highly recommend a visit to the Waterloo Region Museum if you want to learn more about the history of this place we call home. While you are there, feel free to take a stroll through the gift shop and check out our INclusion by PRESS buttons. Our “Envisioning Diversity” mirrors look to a future where diversity and individuality is widely celebrated. Our “Connecting Together” magnets remind us of the importance of building relationships in which each person is valued and able to thrive in community.


Our button display in the Waterloo Region Museum gift shop!

From a historic look at migration to more recent technological and industrial advances, the Waterloo Region Museum depicts the change and growth seen in the community for over a thousand years. It’s our hope that our INclusion by PRESS buttons will also be able to facilitate change in the region by bringing people together and promoting inclusion for all. The Waterloo Region Museum shares our belief in community engagement and celebrating diversity, and we hope that these buttons will help spark conversations and spread that message throughout the Waterloo Region.

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