About Sadie’s Place

SPII mission and visionOur mission is to create innovative ways to dialogue, create relationships, and practice inclusion in community with persons labelled with developmental disabilities.

At Sadie’s Place for Innovative Inclusion we share our gifts, hearts, and passions to re-connect, re-vision, and re-new places in communities where persons labelled with disabilities and all of us thrive.

We focus on how our practices of inclusion help to build relationships and create re-connections in community. In how we come together, we shift place from being a noun (having a place) to making or creating places (a verb) that are inclusive. We endeavour to re-new places so that persons with disabilities are richly woven into the fabric of community.

We draw on Anzaldua’s practice of bridgework to strengthen relationships and promote interdependence as a foundation for inclusion; celebrate differences; engage in relationships that shift disabling practices; and create connections between spaces, realities, and consciousnesses that have become disconnected. Our collaborative projects bridge work, creativity, and community organising practices for social justice.

We engage in ongoing reflection on our collaborative practices. We actively work to shift conditions that disable and marginalize people including our  language, our practices of engaging with people, and the built and constructed environments we create. As persons with disabilities, family members, friends, Board members, and staff we are committed to reflecting on the ways we come together and engage one another so that each of us may flourish.